Fast Stator Rewind


  • Job: Video to present the Fast Stator Rewind Service
  • Client: Alstom Power, Thermal Services, Generator
  • Video producer: Information Media Productions
  • Directed by: Francois Fauteux
  • SoundsWrite role: Video storyline and script

Favourite line

No drawings? No problem! Alstom Field Service specialists are available worldwide. Without delay all the essential measurements are obtained … and transmitted to our engineering department to create the 3D models of the bars in preparation for the manufacturing process.


When SoundsWrite came to the project there was a rough cut but no real storyline or claim. It was a classic old-school corporate video scenario. So working with the business and the communications responsible, we developed the strong claim and a convincing and compact story line.

After that it was much easier for the Director Francois Fauteux / Information Media Productions to edit and create the cool graphic overlays, which took the film to a new level and set a new trend for Alstom Thermal Service films.

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