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SoundsWrite is a one-stop content creator and media producer for corporate communications needs. We specialise in writing and production services for discerning audiences in complex industries.

Do you need a specialist partner to help you develop and produce:

  • project or sales presentations
  • image or product brochures
  • content for your web or blog
  • explainer videos
  • image films
  • e-learning courses
  • white papers

Our clients include global leaders in:

  • reinsurance and corporate solutions for insurance
  • power generation and distribution
  • real estate investments and marketing
  • 3D measurement technology
  • private banking
  • customer banking
  • water and the environment
  • cryptocurrencies

Swiss-based quality copywriting

Congrats on this great Yearbook: I already established it as mandatory reading for the whole market team, it’s excellent information and inspiration what we can do for our clients along the value chain!

Reinsurance executive

Market Head Switzerland, Netherlands

SoundsWrite adds value! David always pushes for a very deep understanding of the issues, which he then uses to make the messages clearer or to propose creative ideas that allow us explore new approaches.

Ibolya Forika

Head of Communications, Thermal Services, Alstom power

Why work with SoundsWrite

We understand

We’ll make your rocket science read like child’s play.

We add magic

We’ll add just the right amount of marketing magic.

We build trust

We’ll find the words that establish the bridge of trust.

We support

We’ll use our experience to ensure a painless process. We don’t expect a perfect briefing and we help you develop the direction.

We clarify

We’ll pose the questions that eliminate the ambiguities.

We convince

We’ll convince your readers with carefully crafted stories and well-developed arguments.

Success stories

Transforming culture

  • Client: Swiss Re’s  Group Data Services
  • Impact: Understanding of the issues and key challenges rose at all levels of the company
  • Work: Slogan, logo, CD/CI, key visuals, film scripts, animation storyboards, production, audio branding, film music, voice-over.

The future of insurance is data-driven. But what does that mean for the average employee? What do they need to know about the company’s strategy and their role in everything from building a data culture to following governance guidelines?

We developed a consistent but flexible look and sound for all the media that we produced. Then there was a  variety of communications tools such as email signatures, backgrounds for video calls, course title images and entertaining explainer videos. Please contact us for more information about this campaign.

Driving digital transformation

  • Client: Swiss Re Smart Analytics Community
  • Impact: Effective positioning, awareness
  • Work: Comms consulting, copywriting, graphic design and video production

Since 2015, we have been supporting the communications of the Smart Analytics Community at Swiss Re. It’s a complex and fast moving field which poses exciting communications challenges. We support an innovative team of data scientists and business consultants with all the communications materials that they need to position their unit and drive the digital transformation of their company.

E-learning brought to life

  • Client: Swiss Re’s iptiQ (Life & Health insurance)
  • Impact: Long onboarding trainings seem much shorter and exciting
  • Work: E-learning script, 4 animated films. Learning goals, course structure, storyline, multi-media concept, animation storyboarding, production, music, voice-over.

A white-label digital insurance provider asked us to develop an e-learning aimed at new employees who might be industry veterans or total newcomers. So we had to compress a large amount of strategic and technical content into the course.

The result was a flexible 25 minute e-learning course that presents the market need, the company strategy and the target operating model all in a highly  engaging and memorable fashion.

Copywriters for power generation brochures

Writing for a powerful partner

  • Client: Alstom Thermal Services
  • Work: Text and layout for all types of communications

25% of the world’s electricity is produced using equipment manufactured or maintained by our client, Alstom. We have been writing for Alstom since 2009 and have penned many of the company’s most popular brochures. We have also handled a wide variety of writing tasks that demand the combination of both engineering and marketing flair.

Comprehensive Creative Direction

  • Client: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
  • Work: Text content and visuals including a cartoon production for global sales campaign.

It all started with a regional sales promotion idea. Clarifying the offer and developing internal materials, we helped our client to obtain the buy-in of his stakeholders with a powerful internal presentation. The next step involved creating an audio teaser for the film, which captured the imagination of the company and paved the way for the full animated film production.

Copywriter for insurance industry video

Ghostwriting – crafting your message

  • Clients: Confidential
  • Work: Ghostwriting books and corporate communications.

We have helped a famous executive write his own text book for the banking industry. And we have helped an inspirational speaker take his message off the stage and onto the page. Perhaps you need a carefully worded speech or help making a difficult company announcement. With our help, crafting your message is easy and enjoyable.

Visual story lines for complex products

  • Client: Alstom Thermal Services
  • Work: Video scripts

We bridge the gap between the client and the video agency with a strong command of storytelling, and a good understanding of the production options and the product technology. In this way, we have helped Alstom maximise the impact of many videos with strong scripts, storyboards and pre-visualisations.

Scene from e-learning written for Swiss Re

E-learning for compliance

  • Client: A major Swiss insurance company
  • Work: Creating content, characters, scenarios and quiz questions

Initially we wrote the course content. But the project was faltering during the implementation. Using our understanding of the client’s expectations and the programming agency’s culture we were able to bridge the gap and save the project. The end result was an engaging e-learning course that deals with compliant handling of broker service agreements.

Geopolitical macroeconomics blog

  • Client: Christian Takushi
  • Work: Concept and creative direction, logo, web-design, content concept, structure and editing, WordPress training

As a shrewd analyst, Christian Takushi is known for unique blend of economics and geopolitical research. With a successful banking career and many TV appearances to his name, Takushi was ready to reach out to a new audience. We helped him find his direction and supervised the realisation of his new blog.

One stop service - content writing and design

More testimonials

Soundswrite helps us to communicate in brilliant English even with very complex matters.

Alberto Castiglioni

Faro European Regional Marketing Manager

Tremendous. Very proactive. Able to take the initiative and make things work.

Swiss Re Executive

Sales Force Effectiveness

Our clients

  • Our direct clients range from global brands and market leaders to SMEs, start-ups or individuals.
  • Our agency partners tend to be Swiss advertising agencies looking for an authentic English voice for international campaigns.

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