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Today’s digital content requires a seamless interaction of words and visual design. We help our customers create effective communications products by overseeing the whole creative process. Scroll down for a reference case.

Text content

Telling a compelling story about your company, product or service, begins and ends with the right words. And during the process, the right words keep everyone on the same page.

Visuals and design

Need photos? We’ll help you source stock photos or organise a shoot to ensure you have the perfect images.


We know how to make communications engaging using interactivity. Our experience ranges from iPad Apps for the power industry to E-learning flash courses for the insurance industry.

From print to mobile

We understand the needs of today’s mobile consumers and create content and implementations that are mobile ready.

Design CD/CI

We design or develop in alignment with your existing CD/CI requirements. Or we create new guidelines if necessary.


Having an experienced marketing planner in-house means we never lose sight of what matters.

Success story – Branding and design

The smaller you are, the more you need a big brand

Bethesda Heilungsdienst is the name of Daniel and Esther Baumgartner’s Zurich-based Christian counselling ministry. In recent years, their work has grown with a radio courses, international webinars and the book ‘Parents Empowered’. To unite the various aspects of the ministry they asked us for support with the development of a logo and branding. Given the world-wide popularity of the name Bethesda, it was important to create a logo with a distinct Swiss feel that instills confidence in individual clients as well as conferring an air of authority on print publications and social media posts.

Success story – Content creation for an annual tech report

Internal Platform Annual Report

For a global player in the risk management and mitigation field, we designed and wrote an internal report on the ‘Portal2’ initiative*. The goal of the report was to inform the audience about the companies developing capabilities and to enhance the adoption of digital tech by presenting a series of use cases.

What we did:

  • Development of a unique visual look within the strict limits of their corporate CD/CI.
  • Line sketches, digital Portal 2 design, stock image selection photoshopping
  • Content plan, messaging, drafting, editing and finalisation of all text in collaboration with subject matter experts
  • DTP/Indesign layout and prepress

*  NOTE: This project was for internal use only. Disclaimer:While the graphics and layout work is original, all text content is either changed or replaced with blind text.

We take care of creation and production so you can concentrate on your core business