Combustion Autotune


  • Job: Video to present the Autotune Combustion Tuning System
  • End client: PSM
  • Client: Alstom Thermal Services
  • Video production agency: Hidden
  • SoundsWrite role: Video storyline and script

Opening voice-over

“Achieving emissions compliance is a constant challenge for power producers. The engine tuning settings made yesterday will rarely be optimum for today’s conditions:

Besides ambient temperature and humidity fluctuations, plant operators face changing fuel choices and all the challenges of pushing hardware to the physical limits.”

This ground-breaking video uses a science fiction control room environment to explain the function and benefits of PSM’s Autotune controller for gas turbines.

The visual concept and initial visualisation was proposed by the video production agency. Beyond writing the storyline, my role included proposals for how to better express the complex engineering issues by changing visible parameters, charts or camera angles.

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Fast Stator Rewind

When SoundsWrite came to the project there was a rough cut but no real storyline or claim. It was a classic old-school corporate video scenario. We supported the development of a strong claim and then wrote a convincing and compact story line. The film set a new standard for Alstom Thermal Service films.