PSM Corporate video


  • Job: PSM Corporate video
  • Client: PSM via Alstom Power, Thermal Services
  • Video producer: Hidden
  • SoundsWrite role: Video storyline and script

Favourite lines

In 1999, a group of visionary engineers founded PSM to provide gas turbine owners with an alternative, and better source of aftermarket parts and services.

From these small beginnings, PSM has become a full-scope provider with a global presence. From our headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, over 100 specialists now serve customers all over the world.

PSM can offer quick fixes AND long-term improvements thanks to our research that has produced over 100 patents. The resulting PSM products and services have become established as vital alternatives to the systems offered by the OEM.


PSM turned to the team which created they awesome Autotune Video with the request to save their corporate video project. As the scriptwriter, my job was to create a new storyline that would consolidate their existing 14 minutes of tedium into a dynamic 3-4 minute film. This required identifying the key messages and finding a completely new way to tell their story without losing some technical details that the company really wanted to communicate.


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