Presenting a powerful division

Copywriter for power industry branding

Do you need a copywriter for your power industry firm, brand, product or service? This project demonstrates our copywriting capabilities in the energy industry.

“I started as communications consultant, writing a backgrounder document that served to define the main messages and the self-perception of the organisation.” explains David Taylor, Senior Copywriter and Director of SoundsWrite.

Once this was approved we began to develop the page plan for the brochure, deciding what content will be included on a page-by-page basis. Finally, the copywriting proper could begin.

Following this project, the client began to see the benefit of working with SoundsWrite for layout services as well. Copywriting direct to Indesign is a good way to streamline a project and ensure a higher quality end result.

  • Job: Brochures
  • Client: Alstom Thermal Services
  • SoundsWrite role: Messaging, stakeholder interviews, copywriting

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Defining capabilities

Working with Alstom’s communications department, SoundsWrite developed the three capability pillars: presence, solutions and technology. These are recurring themes in many Alstom Thermal Services high level brochures.

Alstom’s global reach and local presence allows us to understand the precise needs of our all customers and respond more effectively.

Alstom solutions combine cutting-edge proven technology with services that efficiently address your business challenges.

With a large dedicated R&D programme for the installed base, customers of thermal services also benefit from Alstom OEM new equipment R&D

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