Journalism: automative industry and metrology stories 2011


  • Job: User stories.
  • Client: FARO
  • SoundsWrite role: Research, interviews, writing all articles

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Our articles

  • Editorial
  • Top Story: Superlative confidence
  • The perfect flight path for Spain’s bird train
  • Want a refill?
  • Future Immersive Experiences
  • Speed and flexibility gains in electrical motor production
  • More freedom, thanks to shared coordinates
  • Eliminating customer frustration on shipped spare parts

Please download the PDF above to see the quality and clarity of the writing. As specialist business technical marketing journalists, we create entertaining headlines, fascinating leads and riveting copy.

Working directly with FARO customers, we developed distinctive user stories that highlighted the uniqueness of each customer and the way they are creating entirely new possibilities through the application of FARO devices.

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