Copywriting and layout for HRSG services

Copywriter for power industry services – HRSGs

Do you need a copywriter for your power industry company or services? Here, SoundsWrite provided the copywriter and layout skills for Alstom’s HRSG services brochure.

“We work as communications consultants, helping the client to define the key messages. We also have to frame their story in the context of the overriding communications campaigns.” explains David Taylor, Senior Copywriter and Director of SoundsWrite.

Working with SoundsWrite means you can save layout costs as well. We offer copywriting direct to Indesign – it is a good way to streamline a project and ensure a high quality end result.

  • Job: Brochures
  • Client: Alstom Thermal Services
  • SoundsWrite role: Messaging, stakeholder interviews, copywriting

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Copywriting services for HRSG service solutions

Defining capabilities

Working with Alstom’s communications department, SoundsWrite developed the three capability pillars: presence, solutions and technology. These are recurring themes in all the brochures we do. You can see how we work with these topics in the structuring and storyline of this brochure.

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Writing for a powerful partner

A best practice example of a job completed in record time, with minimal iterations and maximum satisfaction all round. Alstom Renewables entrusted SoundsWrite with all the copywriting for this compelling brochure. We developed all the content based on the breifing and inputs from the stakeholders and delivered flowing and consistent copy for the whole brochure in record time.