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SoundsWrite’s founder David M. Taylor holds a Master’s in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, England. His studies covered everything from molecular biology to history of science and from physiology to experimental psychology. This makes him the ideal partner for all types of academic editing or writing jobs.

Thanks to David’s editing, previously rejected manuscripts are often accepted for publication in prominent international journals and publications.

Work accepted following language editing by SoundsWrite
  • Journal of Environment and Development.
    Haller, Tobias and Galvin,Marc. 2008.
    “Who gains from community conservation? Intended and unintended costs and benefits of participative approaches in Peru and Tanzania”.
    (June issue)
  • Human Ecology Haller, Tobias and Merten, Sonja.
    “’We are Zambians – don’t tell us how to fish!’ Institutional Change, Power Relations and Conflicts in the Kafue Flats Fisheries in Zambia”.
    Accepted for publication in April 2008.
  • Proceedings of the 25th International Congress of Papyrology.
    Ann Arbor July 29 - August 4 2007, ed. Traianos Gagos, Univ. Michigan 2008
  • Grob, Eva Mira,
    “Information packaging in Arabic private and business letters (8th to 13th c. CE):
    Templates, slots and a cascade of reduction and rearrangement” . Forthcoming.
  • Ecology
    Martin u. Gruebler and Beat Naef-Daenzer. 89(10), 2008, pp. 2736–2745
    “Fitness consequences of pre- and post-fledging timing decisions in a double-brooded passerine.”
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