Video scriptwriting – it’s all about the story

Today, video is the most important way of communicating your message. As scriptwriters, we specialise in turning complex ideas or products into video scripts, storyboards or final productions that your audience will respond to.

Do you want to get noticed online? Then you need video. Let us help you clarify your message then we turn it into a strong script and visual story. Then we help you choose your visual treatment and direct the filming and editing or animation process.

People, products & places

Classic corporate films work best when they are based on a powerful narrative. We develop the script and supervise the production to make the most of your production opportunity.


We script and produce animated films. Whether you need motion graphics, 3D model based animations or cartoons, we tell the story clearly, even when the business or technology is very complex.

We specialise in making complex concepts accessible.

Highlights from our portfolio:

Smart Analytics Use Case Videos

All inclusive with SoundsWrite. Two videos written and produced to present use cases of smart analytics for a global reinsurer.

PSM Corporate video

Starting with the client’s 14 minute script, I created the narrative and storyline for this dynamic 3-4 minute film. This required identifying the key messages and finding a completely new way to tell their story without losing important technical details.

Copywriter for power industry video

Fast Stator Rewind

When SoundsWrite came to the project there was a rough cut but no real storyline or claim. It was a classic old-school corporate video scenario. We supported the development of a strong claim and then wrote a convincing and compact story line. The film set a new standard for Alstom Thermal Service films.

Swiss-based explainer video producer

Combustion Autotune

This ground-breaking video uses a science fiction control room environment to explain the function and benefits of PSM’s Autotune controller for gas turbines. Beyond writing the storyline, my role included proposals for how to better express the complex engineering issues by changing visible parameters, charts or camera angles.

Copywriter for video script power industry - alstom generator

Cuproplex explainer video

This short animation was part of a full series of marketing materials that I wrote for Alstom Generator to promote their Cuproplex cleaning solution.

“With decades of production experience and a masters in science,
I’ll identify the technology story and tell it using all the best creative options,”
David M. Taylor, Founder, SoundsWrite GmbH.

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