Copywriter for gas plant services brochure

Copywriter for power industry branding

Writing a good brochure begins with a good communications strategy.

“As communications consultant I helped the client with their document strategy for 2014. We explored the role of the brochure in relation to leaflets and tablet apps and defined the objectives of a plant brochure.” explains David Taylor, a English Copywriter based in Switzerland, with extensive power communications experience.

  • Job: Brochure
  • Client: Alstom Thermal Services
  • SoundsWrite role: Strategy, messaging, stakeholder interviews, copywriting, layout to almost final stage.

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Defining capabilities

Working with Alstom’s communications department, SoundsWrite developed the concept for a plant level brochure, the flat plan or page plan and the questionnaires for content gathering from the business.

We then handled stakeholder interviews and developed the content and layout.

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