This animation video was created for internal promotional purposes only. It is presented here for promotion of SoundsWrite production services only. To see the Swiss Re approved on-brand public version follow this link. 

Construction Comprehensive is an corporate insurance sales campaign targeting major construction projects in Asia Pacific.

We supported the campaign from concept to roll-out as a communications sparring partner and one-stop production service. We helped to develop the offer structure and key messages and supported with content and visuals for the internal presentation. This included the development of key visuals.

As the project gained acceptance within the organisation, we developed the icon set, and project chart, storyline, a demo audio narrative, an dynamic storyboard and finally the full-blown animated film.

After selecting a suitable animation agency, we handled all the message and quality control tasks so that the client was totally satisfied with the film after only one iteration.


  • Job: Sales Campaign Asia Pacific Region
  • Client: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
  • SoundsWrite role: Creative director campaign, copywriting, initial icons, leaflet content, internal presentation content and design, animation storyline, podcast, agency selection for icon development and full animation, animation film production supervision, audio voice-over performance and recording, final audio mix.

Big vision small details

At SoundsWrite we ensure that our clients get the best final result. We are empowered, so we empower our suppliers. And the same time, we are not afraid to get involved in the minute details of asset design, camera moves, transitions, sound-fx and music volumes to ensure that the message always looks and sounds right.