Alternative treatments in animation production

Two treatments – serving evolving sponsor priorities
Both versions of this film tell the same story. Which do you prefer, the artistic cartoon or the minimalist animation approach?

Inofficial teaser version

Current official version

Two treatments to serve evolving audience needs

At SoundsWrite, we help you tailor your message and approach to the needs of your specific audience.

Phase 1 – building enthusiasm

Internal communications can sometimes break the brand rules and take an unusual approach to telling a story. For Swiss Re, cartoons don’t really suit their brand self-image. But the project sponsor wanted to do something that would appeal to the human side of his audience of senior global sales leaders at an internal event and as a humorous teaser for informal usage.

The “Construction Comprehensive” cartoon written and produced by SoundsWrite perfectly served this purpose.

Phase 2 – seriously on brand

As the sales campaign gained traction and the need for a more formal film for external use, grew Swiss Re returned to SoundsWrite with a request for a more serious and on-brand treatment of the same basic script.

Working with the same animation agency we created a new version of the film to the satisfaction of the global brand management, who considered it a best practice example of the application of the Swiss Re visual guidelines.


  • Job: Sales Campaign Asia Pacific Region,
  • Client: Swiss Re Corporate Solutions
  • SoundsWrite role: storylines, scripts for both film versions. Selection of animation team, supervision of storyboard development and animation proper, audio voice-over, music composition for one film, final audio mix.

Big vision small details

At SoundsWrite we ensure that our clients get the best final result. We are empowered, so we empower our suppliers. And the same time, we are not afraid to get involved in the minute details of asset design, camera moves, transitions, sound-fx and music volumes to ensure that the message always looks and sounds right.

Interested in more details about the original cartoon consulting and production process?

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