Amstar 888 Thermal Cladding


  • Job: Amstar 888 Boiler cladding
  • Client: Alstom Power, Thermal Services, Generator
  • Video producer: Information Media Productions
  • Directed by: Francois Fauteux
  • SoundsWrite role: video storyline, script development, stake-holder buy-in, pre-visualisations.


The relaxed documentary style of this video is a result of a lot of hard work that went into the development of the storyline.

But harder than that, was obtaining the buy-in of the many stakeholders. Some parts of the business wanted an explainer video. Most of the interview partners did not think that their corporate policy would allow them to participate.

But Dr Michael Seitz, the Head of Thermal Spray and inventor Amstar 888 had a clear vision for this video. Our role was to help him realise that vision by providing the draft treatments, scripts and storyboard that were needed to obtain the buy-in.

We were thus able to convince the customers that we wanted them to tell their story rather than praise our product. We were also able to give the business a clear idea of how the end product would also satisfy their needs.


Extracts from concept

Boiler operators all over the world and across a wide variety of industries, face reliability issues and high costs due to corrosion and erosion that leads to leaking tubes and boiler shutdowns. Amster888 is the high-end solution to this problem. Customers have often tried disappointing alternatives. But there are many satisfied customers – people who moved from frustration to satisfaction thanks to Amstar.

The visual standards of the film reflect the premium positioning of the Amstar solution.

Shooting work inside the boiler and showing before and after images will be a visual challenge. Dirty or broken pipes (before) and matte grey coated walls (after) are hard to show beautifully. Overlaying nice 3D graphics, wireframes and animated info elements will ensure that the looks remains high-end.

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